Kerosene Bulk K-1 Clear

We offer K-1 Kerosene, the #1 grade of kerosene fuel, pure fuel especially formulated for kerosene heaters to keep stoves and heaters running well.  We pump into the customer’s container.

Use Pure Fuel

Pure fuel is very important because it keeps the stove or heater running well, the wick clean, and the safety improved. Many problems occur from poor choice of kerosene. Many people do not realize that saving a few dollars is actually very expensive and time consuming, in the long run. The extra effort to get good fuel is totally worth it.

Only Use K-1

Some people try and use K-2 kerosene. This fuel is lower grade and should not be used. Some enthusiasts say to go K-1 or don’t use kerosene at all. This may seem strict, but it shows the importance of using the proper fuel.

Professional Memberships

Red Baker Propane, Inc. BBB Business Review

Red Baker Propane, Inc. Moore Chamber of Commerce Member